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Nature Sings -- CDs, DVDs, Shows, Schedule, Specials, Prints, Service and Email

Hi, my name is Art Lee. I'm a nature photographer and a singer-songwriter.
This year, I'm celebrating 20 years photographing National Parks and 10 years writing music about it.

Below is information about my music, photography and shows.
Also, please visit Arts and Nature.ORG, educating about nature through the arts.

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CD1 -- Preview!

Available at CDBaby.COM or search "Art Lee Nature Sings" wherever you buy or stream music.

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CD2, DVD1, etc.

For UPDATES on NEW RELEASES, etc., subscribe to my Newsletter.

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Stage Shows -- Sample Video!

From 2009 to 2014, Nature Sings: A Tribute to Our National Parks -- Press Release, Program, Flier/Poster, Newspaper Article, Comments and Awards

From 2015 to present, Nature Sings: Spirit of Our National Parks as performed at the Parliament of Religions in 2015

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2016 Schedule

I'm available to perform, Nature Sings: Spirit of Our National Parks

Live concert and multimedia stage show by Art Lee

My new show "Canyon Echoes: Parks and Rivers of the Colorado Plateau" will premiere spring of 2017 at the First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City, 569 S. 1300 E., SLC, date and time not yet set


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Anniversary Specials -- Discounted Prints and CDs!

Proceeds to Arts and Nature and Environmental Ministry

Art Lee's 20th as a Nature Photographer $20 per Print SPECIAL!

Art Lee's 10th as a Singer-Songwriter $10 for 2 CDs SPECIAL!

National Park Service's 100th $100 for 5 Prints and 2 CDs SPECIAL!

16"x20" Matted Prints (Normally $29); CDs (Normally $8)


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Beautifully matted and labeled, ready to go into any standard 16"x20" frame.

Anniversary Pricing, above


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Please visit Arts and Nature.ORG, educating youth about nature through the arts.

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Email Address

If you'd like to order a CD, make a comment, ask a question, book a show, etc., please contact me directly,

Legal Stuff

Copyright Notice

All songs, photos and stories are the intellectual property of Art Lee, except as otherwise attributed.

Notice of Commercial Use (Information for Pending Trademark/Service Mark)

"Nature Sings" is my series of albums, videos and shows in commerce since 2009. My first "Nature Sings" CD and DVD (sound track and music videos) where of my original 2009 stage show, Nature Sings: A Tribute to Our National Parks, followed by "Nature Sings II" in 2010, and "Nature Sings III" in 2013.

All were self produced and sold at shows and through this website,

My company, Art Lee Productions, L.L.C. (ALP), purchased in 2007, and started using it as it's primary website in 2008. For the purpose of protecting it's use, ALP also acquired, .org, .us, and .info as well as, .net and .org.

My first online "digital" release was in 2014, called simply "Nature Sings" (as the previous versions were unknown to the general public outside of those who had attended my shows or visited my In 2015, this first digital release was then mass produced as a CD, with "CD1" added to the cover to distinguish it from the digital version and to identify it as the first in a series of CDs: "Nature Sings II, CD2", "Nature Sings III, CD3", etc.

My older CDs/DVDs are still available for purchase while supplies last.

Copyright 2016, Art Lee,